Part I: Mythic Cities

Prologue: Mythic Cities

Chapter 1
Sidewalk Moments: Filming the City: 1896-1928

First Glimpses
New York Stories
Moments Captured

Chapter 2
Dreaming the City:
New Yorkers in Hollywood

Going Hollywood
Goddamn Lotus Land
The Lost City

Chapter 3
Building the Dream:
The Studio Production System

The Dream Factory
City of Parts
Fulfilling the Dream


Part II: On the Town

Prologue: Establishing Shot

Chapter 4
Emerald Cities:
Skylines of Fantasy

City of Giants
A Town of the Future
Spook Central

Chapter 5
Something Big:
Skyscraper and Office Building

Something Big
Conflict of Forms
Ordinary Policy
Have a Powerful Day

Chapter 6
Street Scene:
Row House, Tenement, and Housing Project

New York Street
Houses of Memory
Street Scene
Cradle of Crime
Eyes on the Street
One Little Part of the World

Chapter 7
Domestic Elaborations:
Mansion, Apartment, and Loft

Some Sort of Residence
It’s So Convenient
One Big Family
People Live Here?

Chapter 8
Worlds of Difference:
Dead End and Rear Window

Distant Neighbors
Fifty Windows

Chapter 9
Lofty Perches:
Penthouse, Terrace, Rooftop, and Nightclub

The Nearest Thing to Heaven
Moonlight and Love
Top of the Town

Chapter 10
Edge of the City:
Waterfront, Train Station, and Grand Hotel

On the Waterfront
The Big Send-Off
Grand Hotels

Chapter 11
Broadway and Times Square:
The Great White Way

Broadway Babies
The Show Goes On
Stage Struck
That’s Show Biz

Part III: Eight Million Stories

Prologue: Hot Summer Pavements
Hot Summer Pavements

Chapter 12
On Location:
Filming in the City After 1945

Levels of Meaning
Shooting Wide
Urban Villages

Chapter 13
The Dark Side of the City

Horror City
All That Frantic Motion
That Dangerous City of the Imagination

Chapter 14
Changing City:
Renewal and Preservation

A Tiny Bit of Construction
Vital Structures
You Call This an Apartment?
We’re Neighbors

Chapter 15
A Heightened Reality:
Street Meets Stage

The World’s Biggest Backlot
The Magic Club
Stand By

Afterword and Acknowledgments
Selected Filmography